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The best and the latest genetic progress is available from the Figen artificial insemination station. The station produces Figen Landrace and Figen Large White purebred GGP level fresh boar semen for breeding purposes and Figen Muscle boar semen for finisher production.

The export selection consists of the following top products:
Fresh purebred semen for breeding from Figen’s high-index boars
• Efficient fresh Figen Muscle semen

Boar semen doses are shipped by using the fastest possible routes. We use courier service in Europe and air cargo service for other parts of the world. In Europe the delivery time is 1-2 days and elsewhere 2-3 days after extraction. Our boars are very healthy animals and the best before time for semen doses is seven days.

All the boars at the AI station have completed a 14-week individual test at Figen Test Station. The AI station houses approximately 100 boars: Landrace and Large White purebreds and Muscle line terminal sires. On average, the boars are replaced in less than one year from entering the AI station.

Figen AI Boars – Health Status

Animal health situation is very good in Finland and this reflects on our AI boars. All boars enter the AI after the minimum of 30 days quarantine. At the beginning of the quarantine, the boars are tested for Brucellosis, Aujezsky’s disease, TGE, PRRS, CSF, and Salmonella. The second quarantine test set includes Brucellosis, AD, TGE, and PRRS. These tests are routinely controlled at AI station also.

Before the boar candidates are accepted to Figen Test Station, their farms of origin, i.e. nucleus farms, must be free from Swine dysentery, Atrophic rhinitis, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Salmonella, Mange, Clostridium perfringens type C, Oedema, APP, PRRS, PWMS, PRCV, PED, and TGE as required by the national animal health care protocol.

Figen’s AI boars are free from the Halothane gene, which was eradicated decades ago.

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