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Figen Matriarch line

The Figen breeding program produces top-level maternal GGP gilts and boars. The prolific Figen Matriarch purebreds, Figen Landrace and Figen Large White, will bring a noticeable efficiency and added value into breeding and to finisher production.

Our Matriarch genetics provides you with a potential to produce large litters with good growth and weaning records. Due to the long tradition of dual purpose breeding, the strength of Matriarch line is the efficient meat production (daily gain, feed efficiency, carcass leanness). Each piglet inherits half of its genes from the dam, and therefore it is important that meat production traits are included also in a dam line.

All the breeding animals have passed the on-farm test. Both gilts and boars have the minimum of 14 fully formed teats, their leg structure is sound and they move with agility.

Figen Matriarch gilts function well in all farrowing systems. Due to their calmness, they peform well in free farrowing environment.

Figen Landrace

Figen Landrace boars have top efficiency traits for breeding. The boars are sturdy and healthy. The calm boar is easy to manage. The prolific boars sire large litters with vigorous and evenly sized piglets. The important meat production traits are in.

Figen Landrace gilt is robust, long and docile – very easily managed. Due to the efficient maternal traits, the gilt performs well in breeding and especially in the production of F1 hybrids. The Figen Landrace gilts produce large, uniformly sized, vital litters. With their good lactating ability, the gilts mother piglets well until weaning. The use of Figen Landrace gilts will help you to reach the high quality of commercial pigs.

Figen Large White

Figen Large White boars will bring the desired efficiency to GGP farms. This boar is a functional solution for all breeding programs and development projects. The prolificacy and piglet quality of the Figen Large White is on a good level. High level meat production traits are part of the efficiency package.

Figen Large White gilts are prolific, large and sturdy. The pointy-eared gilt is calm and willing to co-operate. Its longevity and litter performance are desirable. Figen Large White farrows large and vital litters and mothers piglets well, which show in good weaning records. Figen Large White is a key solution to production of exceptional F1 hybrids.

Figen F1 hybrid

Figen F1 hybrid is a top performer and an economical solution to finisher production. The hybrid’s conformation is strong and robust with good leg structure. Thus it has good potential to stay in production for several parities. Its temperament is calm and gentle, ensuring easy management. Figen’s F1 hybrid is a well-balanced female giving a full heterosis effect for the high quality piglets. The hybrid is prolific and achieves good weaning records. The piglets become efficient commercial pigs, which have large, long, and lean carcasses.

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Figen is a part of the Snellman Group.