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Breeding Program

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Figen operates its own, independent breeding program. The focus is on total economy of the whole pork production chain. Figen’s breeds are Figen Landrace and Figen Large White. Our synthetic terminal sire line is called Figen Muscle – the boar is the key to an efficient finisher production.

Figen’s female breeding populations (Figen Landrace and Figen Large White) are located at the nine nucleus farms that are contracted with Figen Ltd. They share common breeding program principles and practices run by Figen. The inseminations are planned centrally in order to simultaneously control the rate of inbreeding and to optimize genetic improvement. The breeding population is approximately 400 heads in both breeds, Figen Landrace and Figen Large White.

Figen's sire line is called Figen Muscle and its females are located in our own sow barn in Kauhava. In accordance to Figen's purebreeds, the matings in Figen Muscle line are planned centrally.

AI boar candidates are selected and purchased every second week at 30 kg weight from the nucleus farms to Figen Test Station. During the test, boar candidates are monitored individually in the same environment, and all details including possible medical treatments are controlled and recorded. An automatic feeder records the boar's feed consumption at every visit. Weighing of the boars is conducted five times during the 14 week test period. The selection of AI boars is carried out after the completed boar test.

All the data from test station and litter recording scheme (all Snellman piglet producers) is collected to the Figen database. Breeding value estimation is based on multiple trait animal model BLUPs (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction). Three different BLUP-routines are performed regularly: 1) Prolificacy traits, 2) Meat production related traits and 3) Conformation traits.

The pigs in our breeding program are free from the Halothane (HAL) gene, which was eradicated from the Figen Landrace and Large White populations several decades ago.

Breeding Objective

Swine genetics in Finland has a long tradition of breeding efficient meat production traits. The focus of Figen’s breeding objective is high quality meat and we are dedicated to produce genetics that bring real added value to the pork production chain. Total economy is highlighted in the breeding objective. According to our genetics' ideology each additional piglet to the litter size must become an efficient commercial pig as well.

Figen Oy

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68600 Pietarsaari, Finland

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Figen is a part of the Snellman Group.