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Figen Strenghts

    The main Figen strength is the healthy, large and efficient commercial pig – live weight at 125-130 kg. Our commercial pigs will not gain excess backfat in the final stages of finishing. Feed conversion and daily gain are on an efficient level, thus enabling economically sound production. With our high meat percentage, it is be possible to increase slaughter yields and meat quality. Figen’s F1 sows create potential to produce 1500 kg of red meat per year – measured from slaughter weight.

    Figen's goal is to produce genetics with sufficiently large litters. While we target to improve litter size constantly, we still want every additional piglet to become an efficient and highly productive finisher, whose meat quality is second to none.

    Exceptional animal health. The active and determined breeding work has contributed to Finland’s good animal health situation: the country is home to one of the world’s healthiest swine herds. Finland’s exceptionally good animal health situation and especially the low use of antibiotics are factors that support our healthy and efficient genetics. Antibiotics are used based on a diagnosis and vet’s prescription only. The decisive and continuous prevention work results in considerably lower disease pressure than in many other countries.

    Figen’s main product is efficient swine genetics. Figen has no royalty policy – business is easy with us. Breeding is included in animal pricing and for boar semen deals, we charge a yearly breeding fee.

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    Figen is a part of the Snellman Group.