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Figen Ltd. is the major Finnish swine genetics supplier that offers high-performance live animals and fresh boar semen for breeding. Our dam line breeds are Figen Landrace and Figen Large White, and our synthetic sire line is called Figen Muscle. Figen operates a comprehensive, independent and contemporary breeding program and produces top-efficient boars and gilts for pork producers globally.

Figen’s operations include litter recording, on-farm testing, boar test station activities, AI station, breeding value estimation, and herd book. Figen is the official swine herd book organization in Finland.

The tradition of Figen’s breeding dates back over 100 years. Pig breeding and the sale of purebreds has been conducted under different names for several decades. The latest change took place in 2010 when the family-owned meat processor, Snellman Meat Processing, became the owner. The company was renamed from Faba Co-op to Figen Ltd.

Snellman meat processing company wants to maintain the long tradition of Finnish pig breeding on a high level now and in the future. The company has a strong commitment to develop high-quality Finnish pig breeding further and take responsibility for the entire value chain from genetics to consumer.

Figen Oy

Head Office

Kuusisaarentie 1

68600 Pietarsaari, Finland

Tel: +358 6 786 6111

Figen is a part of the Snellman Group.