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Figen Ltd. produces genetic progress for domestic and international pork producers. Figen swine genetics brings added value to the pork industry: our genetics creates potential to produce economically efficient slaughter pigs with large carcasses and high lean meat content. Figen’s focus is on healthy and efficient genetics that performs well in all production systems.

The functionality of Figen genetics materializes in the vital and uniformly sized large commercial pig litters. Our durable sows mother litters well. Sufficiently large litters with each piglet having desirable daily gain, feed conversion and meat percentage are factors, that will create a noticeable benefit for pig farms. Figen’s genetics will provide a solution with a clear economical advantage.

Figen Oy

Head Office

Kuusisaarentie 1

68600 Pietarsaari, Finland

Tel: +358 6 786 6111

Figen is a part of the Snellman Group.