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The Company

Figen Ltd. is the major Finnish supplier of boar semen and live pigs for breeding. It manages a comprehensive pig breeding program and produces high-quality boars and gilts for Finnish piglet farms as well as our international customers.

Figen also has country-wide breeding and consulting services including on-farm testing, piglet monitoring, herd book and sow renewal.

Over 100 years of experience

Figen’s tradition goes back over 100 years. The Finnish Pig Breeding Association was founded in 1908 and it also marks the start of herd book. Breeding activities have been continuous ever since.

The company is located in the city of Vantaa within easy reach by train or plane. Our boar station is located in the town of Ilmajoki about 4 hours drive from the capital region.

Figen Ltd. is a part of Snellman Group – the major Finnish family-owned meat processor.

The Figen concept

The strength of the Figen breeding program is our high-quality pig material; the result of long-term breeding based on extensive and careful data collection.

Data collection and dependable breeding appraisal create a knowledge base of all our pigs and their qualities. Figen uses several indices to describe the various qualities. Breeding values are published for each individual. Fertility, structure and production attributes are based on multiple-trait BLUP evaluation. This practice guarantees dependable breeding indices for both Finnish Yorkshire (Large White) and Finnish Landrace.

The Figen concept helps you to identify the optimal pig-material for your needs. The key to high piglet yield is effective sow renewal.

If you are on the look-out for gilts for piglet production, choose Figen Matriarch or Figen Kombi.

Figen Matriarch sows ensure highly effective piglet production. Figen Matriarch sows and boars are chosen from high-yield piglet production and durable structure lines.

Figen Kombi sows enable you to reach effective piglet production and ensure the high quality of meat pigs. As the name suggests, Figen Kombi brings together both good meat production and fertility qualities.

Figen Muscle terminal boar is the best choice for effective and economical meat piglet production. Figen Muscle terminal boars are chosen on the basis of fast growth rates, excellent feed utilization and high meat content.

Real-time data collection is vital in ensuring father line quality. Our boars for artificial insemination purposes are selected after performance tests at our central test station at Längelmäki, not far from the city of Tampere.

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Export manager

Johanna Kylä-Lassila

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